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Ever asked yourself whether you have the best possible telecommunication package at the right price? Or have you ever promised yourself to do something about your IT security at home? helps Danes answer such questions easily. is an information portal providing Danes with guidance on the citizen's use of telecommunications and IT in their everyday lives.

The portal helps Danes’ get the most out of their digital world. Both with respect to the possibilities they have as consumers and subjects and their interest in culture and trends on the network, children’s safety on the Internet, IT security etc.

A popular application helps citizens get the right service at the right price. The “Teleguide” is a consumer guide which helps you find the best and cheapest (Danish) subscription on mobile phones, broadband and the most relevant service package for your needs. Another much-used service is a tool that lets the citizen check that they are getting what they paid for by measuring the speed of their Internet access.

Behind the portal: The National IT and Telecom Agency is developed and run as a public service by the National IT and Telecom Agency, which is part of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

The vision behind the Agency is to work actively to create the best possible framework for citizens and businesses in order to realise the vision about Denmark as a network society. The principal task is to develop and implement initiatives within key areas of the Government's IT policy strategy. A strategy that among other issues aims to ensure:

  1. An available, effective, secure and inexpensive digital infrastructure for citizens, businesses and the public sector,
  2. Competition, consumer protection and efficient management of scarce resources in the telecommunications area,
  3. An optimal and secure use of IT and other technologies among citizens and businesses.

The Agency also has an advisory role to the Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation and answers questions from the Danish Parliament, the public and others.


The portal was established in 2005 and has undergone further development since, most recently the implementation of the “Teleguide” and a new design in February 2007.

Further information

For further information about the portal, please send us an email or phone us. E-mail: - Phone: (+0045) 35 45 00 00.



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